Acid Mine Drainage for 50-50

Jul 3, 2010

MISSION  23  of  2010

Name of Mission: Acid Mine Drainage for 50-50     
Beneficiary: Philip Hattingh and Gerrit Burger (Cameraman) of Clive Morris Productions, SABC 2, for 50-50
Date of Mission: 3rd July 2010
Aircraft used: PA22 Piper Tri-Pacer      
Pilot: Johan Meiring

Report from the pilot: By  JOHAN  MEIRING

“I took off from Fly Inn at 07h30 local time after a short delay due to misty conditions, and landed at Krugersdorp at approximately 08h10 after a pleasant and uneventful flight.

I met Phillip Hattingh and cameraman Gerrit Burger at the airfield and we discussed what needed to be done.  We decided to take Phillip up to finalise the plan before the final photography mission.  After landing we decided to delay the photographic mission by about an hour, to take advantage of better lighting with the sun higher in the sky.

Gerrit Burger and I took off again at about 09h45 and Gerrit obtained all the images he thought necessary.  He and Phillip seemed to be pleased with the footage they obtained, and I found it an absolute pleasure to be working with these two gentlemen.  The total flying time for both circuits was 1 hour and 14 minutes.

I was airborne again at Krugersdorp at +/- 11h00 for another enjoyable flight back to Fly Inn.

This was another extremely enjoyable Bateleurs mission and my thanks to everyone involved in the planning.”

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