Assessment of Rehabilitation – Letaba Project

Aug 20, 2008

Mission: Assessment of Results of Rehabilitation Programme
Date: 20 August 2008
Requesting organisation: Environmental Offsets
Location: Letaba, Limpopo
Pilot: Corrie de Bruyn

One of our new pilot members in 2008, Corrie de Bruyn, flew this mission – his first flight for The Bateleurs – to assist Dave Turner of Environmental Offsets to assess the progress of rehabilitation of a nursery and other sites in Letaba.  This is the brief report from Dave Turner:

“On the 21 August 2008 I went on a flight over our Letaba project’s nursery and rehabilitation sites with Mr Corrie de Bruyn of Hoedspruit. The flight was organised through The Bateleurs, a group of civilian pilots who volunteer their time and aircrafts in the name of environmental conservation and scientific research.

An application was made to the Johannesburg office of The Bateleurs, who put me in touch with Corrie de Bruyn, an ex-SAAF officer based in Hoedspruit.  We flew in his Kitfox, a small two-seater with a cruising speed of about 150km/h. The flight took about 2½ hours and I managed to get some nice pictures, some of which I’ve attached. I’ve had to reduce them somewhat for the sake of e-mailing and so much of the detail has been lost unfortunately. However, I can burn a CD of all the original photos for you if you wish. Please let me know.

The photos illustrate very nicely the increased basal cover inside the sites compared to the relatively bare ground outside of them. As well as this, you can also see where most of the tree seedlings have been planted.

I may contact The Bateleurs again after some rain has fallen as the difference in grass cover after some summer growth will be more apparent.”

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