The Bateleurs and MyPlanet (Woolworths)

Jun 7, 2012

As always, we include here a reminder that we are a registered beneficiary of the Woolworths MyPlanet programme, with a request that you consider applying for a Bateleurs-MyPlanet card today – and please to ask all your contacts to do the same. It costs you nothing to apply.

You can apply for a MyPlanet card by -:

Submitting an on-line application via the button on our webpage OR

Submitting an on-line application at OR

Linking a current Woolworths Card to the MyPlanet programme, by telephoning 0860 100 445.

The more people who swipe cards at Woolworths and other retailers for The Bateleurs, the greater is the environmental funding support for The Bateleurs and therefore the more missions we will be able to fly. For statistical measurement of our participation, please drop us an email indicating the names of those people you have succeeded in signing up. Please contact us if you have any queries about the MyPlanet programme.

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