Commentary for Last Quarter 2010

Feb 25, 2011

Missions featured in this Newsletter

From October to December 2010 The Bateleurs flew seven missions in total.  Four of these were flown for regular beneficiaries and the remaining three were flown for newcomers to our service.  As always, these flights covered a range of interests, including a survey along the Namibian coast to count Heaviside and Dusky dolphins, Southern Right whales, and Ocean sunfish.

Looking back on the year, The Bateleurs can say that 2010 brought some major challenges with it, but also, as always, the delight of working with regular and new and enthusiastic beneficiary agencies.  The NGO environment nowadays is generally extremely dynamic and competitive, and recently there have been substantial changes to the way in which animal rights are perceived and managed by government and the non-governmental sector.  Unfortunately, not all these changes are to the advantage of the creatures in our region, but the commitment, dedication and sheer hard work demonstrated by our beneficiaries – wildlife specialists, conservationists and environmentalists –  remains an inspiration to our own organisation.  We thank them for the work that they do in caring for our environment and we will continue to support them wherever we can.  We hope that 2011 will be a very good year for all of us.

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