Commentary for Second Quarter 2009

Oct 28, 2009

This Bateleurs newsletter covers the second quarter of 2009, and while missions got off to a slow start at the beginning of the year, the period from April to June saw The Bateleurs flying no less than fifteen missions, many of them to conserve and protect South Africa’s natural and beautiful places, such as the Wild Coast, pictured above.  This trend has continued into the third quarter, but we are always on the lookout for more missions.


It was with regret and disappointment that The Bateleurs learned of the withdrawal of the nature programme 50/50 from our public television airwaves.  This was an important avenue for publicising environmental issues and we were always pleased to add an aerial perspective to 50/50 documentaries, whenever requested.  Investigative journalism for TV in the environmental field has lost an important platform and we trust that the SABC will soon again provide air time for this programme.

Missions flown in the second quarter of 2009

From April to June The Bateleurs flew fifteen missions in total.  Thirteen of these were for regular beneficiaries, while two were for organisations that approached us for the first time.   Three missions were flown by two pilots, and one of these required two aircraft. Three of the missions took place over countries other than South Africa, and one of these required more than a one-day commitment.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the reports below from our pilots and beneficiaries, and we appeal to you to publicise our free of charge service to as many environmentalists and conservationists as possible.

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