Commentary for Second Quarter 2010

Nov 25, 2010

Missions featured in this Newsletter

From April to the end of June 2010 The Bateleurs flew fifteen missions in total.  Twelve of these were flown for regular beneficiaries, while three missions were for two organisations that are new to us, with two flights being requested by the Mapungubwe Action Group.  These flights included the relocation of animals from park to park; two sorties to acquire photographic evidence of the contravention of environmental legislation concerning the Vele Colliery, adjacent to the Mapungubwe National Park; five flights for Working for Wetlands; a mission to provide the Investigation Panel of the World Bank with a better understanding of the impact of mining and industrial developments in the Waterberg area; a comparative flight over the Jukskei River for SOUL; a mission to count eggs in the nests of Wattled Cranes; and two more flights to assist research into crocodile populations in KZN.

We are also pleased to announce that in the second quarter of the year we acquired three new pilot members, Mark Schroenn, Ashley Bell and Gavin Wolff.  Two of these new pilot members had already flown their inaugural Bateleurs missions by the end of June.

As always, The Bateleurs contribution to missions flown has been the facilitation of an aerial perspective for other organisations engaged in research, public education, and conservation matters.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the reports for this period from our pilots and their passengers, and we appeal to you to publicise our free service to as many environmentalists and conservationists as possible.  

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