Commentary for Third Quarter 2010

Dec 15, 2010

Missions featured in this Newsletter

From July to September 2010 The Bateleurs flew twelve missions in total.  Seven of these were flown for regular beneficiaries, while five missions were flown for newcomers to our expanding stable of beneficiary organisations.  The flights covered a range of interests including the hot topics of Acid Mine Drainage for 50/50, plus pollution of the Vaal River and its environs, for Save the Vaal Environment (SAVE).

Unfortunately we have not yet received post-flight reports and photographs from all our beneficiary organisations for this period, so some of the stories of missions flown are ‘missing’ from this newsletter.  These include our sixth flight in 2010 for Working for Wetlands, over the Borakalalo area; and our flight in support of the work of SAVE.  We hope to include all these delayed reports in our next newsletter, which will be distributed early in the new year.  Also, within this third quarter we flew the first of two flights to report on the land invasion by legal and illegal immigrants of the Ndumo Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal.  The report on this flight (flown in August) will be included with the account of our second (comparative) mission with the same objective, which was flown in October 2010.

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