Commentary from Steve McCurrach

May 26, 2009

This is our first newsletter in 2009 and whilst requests to fly missions have been slow to reach our In Box, the rest of our work has taken off and we have had to hit the decks running.  Before we get into how we are keeping busy, we would like to introduce to you the team that is responsible for managing The Bateleurs ¡V The Board of Directors.  In alphabetical order we are:  Justin Bass,  Andrew Cadman,  Prof. Jan Coetzee,  Rob Davies, Col. Bill de Pinho, James Hersov, Joe Holmes, Sven Kreher, Steve McCurrach, Avroy Shlain and Jay van Deventer.  

All Board Members serve in a voluntary capacity and most of us have full-time commitments elsewhere.  As a consequence of time constraints, in late 2008 the Board agreed to apportion its work according to seven discrete functional areas or portfolios, being Finance;  Fundraising, Media and Public Relations;  Human Resources and Membership;  Knowledge Management;  Legal Matters;  Missions;  and Special Projects. All the day-to-day tasks and activities relating to mission co-ordination and general office administration are performed by Joan Cameron.  

The Annual General Meeting
Our Annual General Meeting to review the work and accounts for the ten-month period from 01 March to 31 December 2008 was held on 31st March 2009.  The meeting was chaired by Sven Kreher, the audited statements were presented by Traci Harvey of Taback, Pelkowitz & Berman, and Justin Bass was welcomed as our newest Board member.  Copies of the Minutes of the AGM, and the Report of The Board to the AGM are available on request.  Please contact Joan Cameron at if you would like a copy of these documents.  In future our financial year will begin on 01 January and end on 31 December, each year.

Fundraising Drive
The Bateleurs is a non-profit organisation and is entirely reliant on external donations to cover our overheads.  The greatest contributors to The Bateleurs are our pilot members, by virtue of the fact that their aircraft are made available for missions at no cost.  Our remaining expenses comprise the cost of aviation fuel for missions and our administrative costs.  The administrative costs are carefully managed by the Board of Directors and are limited to one full time employee and all the costs related to running our missions and the organisation.

In 2009 The Board has put together a small team of dedicated members who have agreed to assist with fundraising – but we need your help.  We believe that our pilot members and all other recipients of our newsletters are an extremely valuable resource in terms of possible contacts with potential donors.  We would therefore be grateful if you would give this matter some thought and contact Joan Cameron at The Bateleurs –  –  if you have any contacts or ideas which you believe could assist us in our fundraising activities.

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