Commentary from Steve McCurrach

Jul 7, 2009

Greetings fellow members, pilots and supporters.  We, the Board of Directors of The Bateleurs, trust that you are safely through the festive season and well into a productive 2009.

The Bateleurs have launched into this new year with real energy.  Lots of missions were flown in the last quarter of 2008, and there is plenty of other stuff on the go. This newsletter starts with some interesting news – we have something special for all our members – and goes on to describe the last of our missions in 2008.  So please do read and enjoy …

A note of reassurance
Consequent to the very sad loss of our dear Nora Kreher, Chairperson and Founder of The Bateleurs, we are aware of sincere concern in the aviation and environmental communities regarding our health, stability and continuity. These concerns are perfectly understandable and acceptable, coming as they do from staunch members and supporters.  We are most grateful for these expressions of care, and of interest in The Bateleurs.

But let me assure you:  our last three Board meetings have centred on this very matter, the latest of which was triple the normal duration and took the form of a ‘workshop’. We (The Bateleurs) are perfectly healthy and soldiering on, albeit with very heavy hearts for our combined loss.  Let me put it this way, and in order to avoid making icons of individuals I won’t mention the particular Board member’s name, but I’ll quote what this astute and highly accomplished business person said:  “I have served over many years on numerous Boards in some of the country’s most noted businesses and other organisations, and this Bateleurs Board continues to impress me. The overall competence and diversity of skills from such pro-active people is quite incredible.”

So, there you go folks, The Bateleurs are strong, flying hard, seeking more and more missions, and all with “a steady hand on the tiller.”

3 march 2009

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