Commentary from the Board

Dec 10, 2008

Annual General Meeting (AGM)
To mark the occasion of our tenth anniversary we held our Annual General meeting on Monday 8th September 2008.  As usual, the meeting ran smoothly, our auditors pronounced that our financial affairs in good order, and there was no change to the composition of our Board of Directors.  An electronic version of the Minutes of our latest AGM has already been distributed to all our members.

The Bateleurs & African Geographic Climate Change Photographic Challenge
Given that details of the photographic competition being run by The Bateleurs and Africa Geographic was announced in our previous newsletter, this is merely a reminder that the competition is underway and that the closing date will be 30th April 2009.

Please visit, click on Competitions and find your way to the Climate Change Photographic Challenge to access the rules and entry forms.  Please will you encourage anyone who may be interested to enter this contest.  We hope to receive masses of images depicting the causes and consequences of climate change already apparent in Africa, and we intend to put these to good use to stimulate awareness and action that will help counter the threat of climate change.  May the best image win!

In July, August and September of 2008 The Bateleurs flew for some of our regular beneficiaries and some new organisations.  Flights were accomplished by some of our stalwart (i.e. faithful, dependable and hard-working) pilots, as well as some brand new members.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the accounts of these missions flown in support of dams, wetlands, the Wild Coast, raptors, cheetah and elephant – amongst others.

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