COP 17

Dec 16, 2011

Although this newsletter covers missions flown in the third quarter of 2011, it seems appropriate to make mention of the recent COP 17 negotiations that took place in Durban over the last couple of weeks.

Climate Change, or global change, as some are transforming the term, is no longer seen to be an environmental issue alone. It cuts across all spheres of life, forming the nexus between food security, water security, energy security, biodiversity security – yes – the security of our planet and by implication, all living things including humans.

The COP talks looked as though they were going nowhere for a while, and when an agreement was eventually signed, it was only an agreement to reach agreement (at least by all countries, developed or developing) by 2015 – with the implementation of emission cuts by 2020. This was hailed by many as a successful outcome: for the first time, it appeared that all countries “were in” albeit on a differentiated basis. However it now already appears that there may be loopholes for some countries such as China and India – which would be very worrying given the absolute size of their emissions and any resultant ramifications on other country commitments.

And so the world leaders think it is all right to play politics and negotiate rights to continue polluting on the basis of their development status. Our ‘house’ is burning and instead of putting out the fire and then apportioning costs, we continue to speculate and endanger the lives of all living creatures on this planet. How will we ever answer to future generations?

This makes it all the more necessary for every citizen to lead the way in reducing our consumption and carbon footprints, and to encourage responsible decision-making regarding future development. To achieve this end The Bateleurs is proud to continue offering an aerial perspective on many of the environmental challenges we face.

We wish you well, and peace, over this festive season and look forward to picking up the cudgels again next year. To our pilots – thanks again, we are always and profoundly grateful for your contributions – fly safely!!

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