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By giving policy makers, conservationists, scientists, media representatives, community leaders and activists a bird鈥檚 eye view of our portion of the planet, The Bateleurs contributes greatly to its protection.聽Our membership is comprised mostly of volunteer pilots as well as volunteers (ground members) who are willing to assist with a number of non-flying activities.聽Clearly we cannot function at all without a necessary cadre of volunteer licensed pilots.

Requirements for volunteer pilots

If you would like to become a member of the volunteer pilot corps, in order to fly missions on behalf of The Bateleurs, the following minimum requirements must be satisfied:

Fixed Wing, Helicopter and LSA pilots must have logged at least聽400hours of flying time, at least250hours of which must have been as pilot in command;

Weight Shift Microlight pilots聽must have logged at least120hours聽of flying time;

All pilots must own or have the use of a suitable aircraft;

Pilots must execute and return a Volunteer Pilot Agreement to The Bateleurs; and

Pilots must be willing, if requested, to submit to a pilot evaluation.

How to join as a volunteer pilot

Please note that The Bateleurs is under no obligation to contribute in any way to the aviation fuel or other costs incurred in respect of flights approved by The Bateleurs. We will, however, in respect of each approved flight and subject to the availability of funds, consider making an聽ex gratia payment in respect of the aviation fuel costs incurred, upon receipt of a written request after the flight has taken place, and against receipt of acceptable evidence of the aviation fuel costs incurred. Please remember also that it may take some time before you are asked to fly a mission as these depend on demand and locality.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer pilot, kindly complete and return all relevant聽membership forms聽by e-mail to聽

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