Jay van Deventer

Jul 7, 2009

Retired Investment Banker, and Bateleurs pilot
North West Province

Jay van Deventer was born and has lived most of his life in South Africa. Originally obtaining a Bsc.Eng from Natal University he went on to read for a Bcom (Unisa), an MBA (UCT) and several post-graduate business courses through inter alia Harvard and London Business School.
After receiving a commission from the Air Force he completed his National Service and worked as an IT and Business strategy consultant (Accenture) for the first decade of his professional career. Later, after a several years as a senior manager of a globally diversified industrial holding company, he joined an investment bank as an equities analyst. After just over 10 years in investment banking he retired as a board member and from the EXCO of HSBC Investment Services.
Jay is an active sportsman and has been granted National colours six times (in three different sports). His sporting interests include skydiving, karate, rock climbing, kite surfing, diving, paragliding and flying sailplanes. He has been licensed to fly light aircraft, gliders, microlights, paragliders and his body in free fall, and has held instructor ratings for skydiving and paragliding. Flying is his great passion and he is quick to remind you of Hagel’s words ‘Nothing in this world, of any lasting value, has ever been created without passion’. In addition to aviation in all it’s forms, Jay has a great love of the natural world and consequently a desire to help protect it from the onslaught of humanity.

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