Looking for a Cessna 182?

Jul 15, 2009

In case anyone out there is thinking of purchasing an aircraft, please consider the e-Mail (below) received from Paul Janzen in the USA, who is planning a major adventure in his Cessna later this year, which will end in South Africa.  He intends selling his aircraft here, prior to returning home.

“I am planning a trip to fly my humble Cessna 182, across the Atlantic, through Europe and down the west coast of Africa, to South Africa.  Being an inveterate traveller my plan is not simply to traverse North to South but to fly the West Coast and stop and visit many of the countries for a few days each. You have been suggested as a source for contacting those pilots that have experience in Africa, and for learning as much as I can about such a journey.

I also have the intention, should it be possible, to sell my plane in South Africa. As I have said, it is a Cessna 182.  It has long range tanks and a Robertson STOL kit along with excellent avionics.  I’m thinking that the STOL kit, long range tanks, and the N# registration, may make it attractive to a company or an individual in South Africa.

Any contact information you could provide would be deeply appreciated  –  The better the planning the greater the odds of success – Confucius, I think? “

If anyone can offer advice to Paul regarding his trip, or is interested in pursuing the sale of his Cessna 182, please contact him at  paul@inter-mountainfunding.com .

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