News Update

Jun 16, 2009

The Data Verification Exercise
In early April we sent a data verification form to all our 130 pilot members, and so far we have received 48 responses.  Well done to those of you who have taken the time to complete the form and return it to us.  And now for the rest of you – ?  One of the really important items of information which a returned data sheet will provide is your shirt size, so that we can order, for all pilot members, our 10-year anniversary Bateleurs shirt and have it delivered to you.  So don’t delay – no form, no size, no shirt.

The Bateleurs & Africa Geographic Photographic Challenge
The closing date (30th April 2009) for our Climate Change Photographic Challenge, in collaboration with Africa Geographic, has come and gone.  We regret to report that the response to this contest, in the category “images from above”, was so disappointing – in terms of both quantity and quality, that our judges have elected not to select a winning entry.  Happily, submissions in the general category for images depicting climate change were of a much higher standard, and Africa Geographic will announce the name of the overall winner in the August issue of their magazine.

From January to March 2009 The Bateleurs flew four missions for regular beneficiaries, and one mission for an organisation that is new to us, but which promises to make significant use of our services, WET Africa, a project of the SOUL Foundation. During March we received what has become our annual list of flight requests from Working for Wetlands, so our next newsletter will bring you reports from these missions.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the reports below from our pilots and their passengers, and we appeal to you to publicise our free service to as many environmentalists and conservationists as possible.

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