Niassa Reserve Back-up Pilot

May 8, 2010

MISSION 14 of 2010

Name of Mission: Niassa Reserve Back-up Pilot   
Date of Mission: 8th to 10th May 2010
Aircraft used: Rainbow Cheetah Ultralight (912 XLS)    
Beneficiary: Madyo Couto of the Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique     
Pilot: Gavin Wolff

In early May The Bateleurs was contacted by Madyo Couto of the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique, for whom The Bateleurs has flown missions in the past.

The Niassa National Reserve had recently been given a Cheetah Ultralight (912 XLS) for use in the Reserve, and the aircraft had been serviced and was ready to be flown to Niassa, in the north, all the way from Maputo, in the south.  Madyo was looking for a second pilot who could accompany the Reserve’s own pilot,  Wim Ebersohn, on the long flight from Maputo to Niassa – scheduled to take place in just three day’s time.

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Several email messages and phone calls later and The Bateleurs had acquired a new pilot member, Gavin Wolff, with the relevant Cheetah ratings and sufficient experience for this adventure – and Wim had a companion for the epic flight which took all of three days flying.

Following the adventure we received the following thank you from Madyo Couto:

“The Cheetah Ultralight just landed this afternoon in Niassa Reserve. Everything went well !

Thank you very much for all your support.  Please send our greatest appreciation to Gavin (who should be returning from Nampula – Maputo – Johannesburg  tomorrow), for joining Wim in that flight odyssey crossing Mozambique from South to North.

The Bateleurs team has provided a real help in making this mission a successful one. The Cheetah will be an extremely useful and important tool in conservation efforts in Niassa Reserve, and we look forward to future collaboration.”

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