Our Target Market

Mar 26, 2009


The Bateleurs is an organisation primarily made up of pilots interested in protecting the environment by using their flying skills and aircraft to fly “stakeholders” over areas under threat. Our aim is to give decision-makers and other interested or vital parties an aerial perspective of the situation or problem they are assessing. The Bateleurs intend to make a difference to environmental and conservation projects. We aim to ensure our natural resources are used wisely and in safe hands.

Any concerned individual, group or organisation may request a mission whether is to:

  • Educate Policy makers
  • Expose Illegal Activities
  • Inform and Update News Media
  • Provide Diverse Educational Opportunities
  • Inspire and Educate Young Leaders
  • Transport and Track Wildlife
  • Assist government departments


The Bateleurs intend to make a difference to how environmental or conservation projects and land and water usage is perceived.

Run by volunteers, the Section 21 company provides a co-ordination function, assessing the needs of environmental situations and organising flights over the area in question as and when needed. Personal and aircraft time is donated by members and sponsorship provides finance for fuel and oil.

The Bateleurs can be used…to educate…to lobby…to rescue.

The Bateleurs will fly to:

  • Conserve and protect the earth’s diverse ecosystems.
  • Expose and reverse the unsustainable use and destructive human exploitation of the earth’s biotic resources.
  • Advocate land-use and natural resource policies that protect or restore life-sustaining ecosystems.
  • Assist and empower others in their efforts to maintain a healthy and productive environment.

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