Our tenth birthday gift to all our members

Mar 3, 2009

An important aspect that emerged from our discussions of “where to from here” was that of a Bateleurs identity, plus recognition for you, the voluntary member. We recently reached double figures in the longevity stakes, having celebrated our 10th birthday in September 2008.  As a celebratory gesture, all members will be receiving a really good quality, fashionable, safari shirt.  It’s called the ‘Explorer’ and the style of the shirt truly befits this name and what we do out there.  The shirt will have our ten-year commemorative badge embroidered on one of the top pockets, while the other pocket will display our usual logo.

This newsletter is not the place for the nitty gritty details, but, as they say “watch this space.”  Soon you will receive an email asking for your shirt size, without which we can’t send your shirt, so please respond – licketty-split.  No further motivation needed.

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