How to request a flight

Flight Request

All flight requests must be submitted on our standard Flight Request Form.

Review Process

All flight requests are subject to review by the Board of Directors. Flight request forms must specify objectives that will lead to an authentic and expected benefit to conservation and/or the environment.


Step 1
Once a flight request has been approved, a Call for a Volunteer is sent to all pilot members. Volunteers are assigned according to considerations such as locality, suitability of aircraft, associated costs, the frequency of missions flown by individual pilots etc.

Step 2
When a volunteer pilot has been sourced, the pilot and beneficiary are put in touch with one another. Operational support ensures that all appropriate forms are issued prior to the flight including:

  •  Indemnity forms for pilots and passengers;
  • Post-flight report templates for pilots and passengers;
  • Observance of a range of statutory requirements in respect of animal relocations (national and international)

Step 3
The flight of missions takes place. The only contribution which The Bateleurs asks of any beneficiary is the provision of a post-flight report, together with captioned photographs. The Bateleurs does not charge or accept a fee for any flights.

Step 4
On completion of the mission The Bateleurs will:

  • Receive the post-flight reports from the pilot/s and passenger/s;
  • Update its database in respect of pilot’s records and missions flown;
  • Ensure that reports and photos of the mission appear in the next newsletter, in the annual report to donors, and on The Bateleurs website.

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