Support for The Bateleurs

Feb 25, 2011

Please help us to conserve and protect our environment by letting us know of environmental organisations or individuals who need our assistance, or by forwarding this newsletter to conservation or environmental agencies that could benefit from an aerial perspective.  Please also remember that we do not fly for the benefit of any commercial enterprise, and we do not transport people from place to place.

As a not-for-profit organisation, The Bateleurs – Flying for the Environment in Africa depends on donations from private organisations to cover its expenses.   We are therefore most grateful for any contributions that we receive, and we would like to invite all our readers to assist The Bateleurs in our mission to conserve and protect the environment and its wildlife.

Your assistance could encompass any or all of the following activities -:

  • Becoming a volunteer pilot member of our environmental air force;
  • Spreading the word about our free-of-charge service to conservation and the environment, so that we fly more missions for more beneficiaries concerned with protecting and conserving the natural heritage of southern Africa;  and
  • Connecting us with potential donors who may be interested in supporting our work.

Please direct enquiries to -:

Joan Cameron
The Bateleurs – Flying for the Environment in Africa
9 Woolston Rd,  Westcliff  2193,  Johannesburg,  South Africa
Tel.            087  808  3927
Fax            087  807  4949
Cell            082  459  4626

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