Survey for the Magaliesberg Protection Association

Feb 25, 2011

MISSION  02 of  2011

Name of Mission: Survey for the Magaliesberg Protection Association     
Date of Mission: 25 February 2011
Aircraft used: Lambada
Pilot: Jay van Deventer  
Beneficiary: Kevin Gill

Objective of the Flight


To monitor and record illegal developments within or near the Magaliesberg Protected Environment.

Beneficiary’s story of the mission        By Kevin Gill

I would like to record with appreciation a flight on 27 February 2011 which Bateleurs pilot Jay van Deventer  undertook for the Magaliesberg Protection Association.  Readers may remember from previous reports and communications that the purpose is to monitor and record developments within or near the declared Magaliesberg Protected Environment, with a view to taking appropriate action should illegal developments be discovered.

On this occasion two important structures were observed, ground investigation will follow, and after the facts have been obtained, the situation will be reviewed. Due to a fair amount of turbulence the video record is not of the best. Perhaps another occasion will be possible in the future.

A distressing pattern of behaviour is emerging. Developers with no permission are building large structures. When found out they use section 24 G of the National Environment Management Act (NEMA) to ask for retrospective approval and forgiveness. We have realised that our aim must be early discovery so that illegal developments can be nipped in the bud.

It was on the previous flight in July 2008 that the illegal Kgaswane Country Lodge was discovered, starting a long legal process.  In the end the Magaliesberg Protection Association was compelled to take the MEC’s decision to court, and on 5 May 2011 an application for review will be heard by the Mafikeng High Court.

Many thanks again, to The Bateleurs and to Jay van Deventer.

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