Born and breed in Pietermaritzburg and matriculating at Hilton College. Went on to qualify as a Cost and Management Account (always wanted to be a pilot).
Obtain PPL in 1994 and finally a Commercial License in 1998 (last century). Flew for the UN in Angola for a few years before been attracted back into business.
Been involved with Expandasign (textiles and printing) since 1999. First starting based in London then returning to SA in 2001 to take the reins. Missed home badly.
I joined the Bateleurs in 2005. Flew a number of missions. The most enjoyable been counting crocodiles at Jozini. Every mission is great. I became a board member in 2018 (they needed some youth to shake things up).
Super passionate about our Enviroment and giving back.
Bateleurs has inspired me to fight harder for change.

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