The Bateleurs and Fund Raising

Aug 15, 2012

The Bateleurs does not customarily focus on fund raising in our newsletters, but we hope that you will forgive us if, once in a while we do. Funding is constantly on our agenda and while we continue to enjoy the backing of our regular supporters and contributors, the raising of funds is becoming more and more difficult. This first newsletter of 2012 appeals to all recipients of our newsletter to let us know of any events or opportunities which could help us raise our profile, as well as any potential donors who may be sympathetic to our cause. Please forward this newsletter to anyone whom you think may be interested in supporting The Bateleurs. Should you receive a positive response from any possible corporate sponsors, private philanthropists and/or funding agencies, The Bateleurs Board members will be very happy to take the matter further. There is no doubt that among our different circles of contacts there will be persons or institutions who are keen to contribute towards our cause. Any introductions will be most welcome.

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