The Bateleurs and Fund Raising

Jun 20, 2011

While The Bateleurs is not in the habit of emphasising fund raising in our newsletters, we trust that you will forgive us if, once in a while, we focus on this topic. Funding, however, is always on our agenda and securing funding has become more pressing than ever. Whilst we continue to enjoy the endorsement of our supporters and contributors, funding is at a lower than normal ebb. We are ever grateful to RMB for their foresight and generosity in making medium term financial commitments, as are we to some of our smaller donors, but unfortunately we have lost the support of others who have chosen to focus their attention elsewhere. As usual the environment struggles to compete with the humanities when it comes to funding, which is a great pity, for humanity relies on a healthy environment for its own success. Be this as it may, this first newsletter of 2011 immediately makes an appeal to you, our members and all recipients of our newsletter, to please don your thinking caps and let us know of any fund raising opportunities as well as any potential donors who may be sympathetic to our cause.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone whom you think may be interested in supporting The Bateleurs. We have for convenience included below some pertinent information. Should you receive a positive response from any possible corporate sponsors, private philanthropists and/or funding agencies, our Board members will be very happy to assist in taking the matter further.

There is no doubt that amongst all of us and our circles of contacts, there will be persons or institutions very keen to contribute towards our cause.  Any introductions will be most welcome.

Although we have mentioned this before a couple of times, we would like to re-iterate that The Bateleurs has recently become a beneficiary of the Woolworths MyPlanet programme. If you sign up as a Bateleurs Supporter, at no cost to you, a ‘MyPlanet’ card will be mailed to you by Woolworths. For every purchase made at Woolworths (and other participating outlets) Woolworths will set aside 1% of your spend (at their cost) of which The Bateleurs will receive the majority portion. It may not amount to a lot per transaction, but with a larger and growing supporter base, the ‘MyPlanet’ card could become a stable and significant source of funding for The Bateleurs.  Please sign up at the following link, or e-mail us for an application form AND please market the card to family and friends – every little bit will add up. Thank you in advance! There is a more detailed section on this programme further down in this newsletter.

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