The Bateleurs and the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge 2012 – Ride with a Purpose

Aug 15, 2012

We would like to remind you that in 2012, for the first time ever, The Bateleurs will participate as a “charity organisation” in the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, scheduled for Sunday 18th November 2012. Our participation is thanks to sponsorship from Absolute Aviation, Beechcraft, Airborne Insurance and Aircraft Finance Corporation, who have agreed to sponsor a Bateleurs Team. We are hoping to put together a group of at least 100 cyclists who will enter this event and help us raise funds for The Bateleurs. Each entry will require a minimum donation of R400.00 – but anything over and above this amount will, of course, be very gratefully accepted! All entries will be dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis.

Your donation will entitle you to an entry into the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, a Cycling Shirt, an early start time, and the knowledge that you will be riding for a purpose.

In recognition of this support, and for you to be able to learn more about our sponsors, we invite you to  follow the links to the above-mentioned sponsors on our website

If you would like to enter on our behalf, please follow the FIVE steps as set out below, and please apply to enter as soon as possible.

1) Please complete an online entry at making your selection from the list of components provided below. At the final page please select the option to “Save Entry, Pay Later”.

2) There are four different components which could make up your payment:
Compulsory components
(i) Entry fee – payable to The Bateleurs. This includes the cost of your cycling shirt     R400.00
(ii) A Licence – If you already have a CSA licence you need not pay for a licence. If you do not have a CSA licence you could buy one  OR  you could buy a Day Licence:
A CSA Licence     R 75.00  
A Day  Licence    R 35.00
(iii) A Timing Chip – If you already have a Timing Chip you do not need  to buy another one. If you do not have a Timing Chip you will need to buy one, at a cost of     R110.00
Optional component
(iv) Secure parking     R 20.00

3) Once you have completed your online entry, having selected from the above list all the components that apply to your entry, please deposit the sum of the components you have selected, in 2.(i) to 2.(iv) above,  into The Bateleurs bank account (details below) using your Surname and Cycle Challenge for the recipient reference – i.e. Cameron Cycle Challenge.
Bank:                          First National Bank
Branch:                       Rosebank
Branch Code:               253-305
Account Name:            The Bateleurs
Account Type:              Money Market Account
Account Number:          62045  655620    
Recipient reference:      Surname Cycle Challenge

4) Please send the Proof of Payment to TOGETHER  with the following information:
*   Your ID Number
*   Your race/entry number
*   Your mobile number
*   The size of the cycling shirt you require

5) Finally, if you so wish, it would be great if you could raise even more money for The Bateleurs by registering as a ‘champion’ for The Bateleurs at

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