The Bateleurs sleeveless jacket

Mar 3, 2009

Details of a similarly embroidered, hunting/fishing, multi-pocketed, sleeveless jacket will be included in this forthcoming email, although this item is to be purchased by you, our members.  I would advise you to use this opportunity to take advantage of the buying power of The Bateleurs  –  we have secured a very attractive price for the sleeveless jacket, pictured here.   

The Bateleurs have become somewhat renowned as an established, incident-free, and substantial contributor to environmental services. We are all justifiably very proud of this, and how better to top this off than also having a team identity? Wearing your new embroidered bush pilot’s shirt is not intended as an obligatory thing.  However, it’s a given that respect and solidarity are distilled from such practices, so let’s try this:  when flying a Bateleurs mission, let’s all use khaki-coloured long or short trousers, together with your new “branded” shirt and your Bateleurs cap, and watch what happens. 

The Bateleurs & Africa Geographic Climate Change Photographic Challenge
Once again we would like to remind all our readers, pilot members and non members alike, about the photographic competition being run by The Bateleurs and Africa Geographic. Please visit, click on Competitions and find your way to the Climate Change Photographic Challenge, to access the rules and entry forms for this contest.  Again we ask you please to encourage anyone and everyone with an interest in photography, the environment, and the future of our planet, to enter this contest.  We hope to mount an exhibition of the images submitted to this competition and to show them in major centres throughout South Africa, creating awareness and stimulating action regarding the causes and consequences of climate change.

Missions featured in this Newsletter
In October, November and December 2008 The Bateleurs flew for regular beneficiaries and some organisations that are new to us, to survey and/or photograph environmental and conservation issues – from avian collisions with powerlines in the Western Cape to tracking an injured Black Rhino in Limpopo.  We hope that you will enjoy reading accounts of these missions and that our newsletters reach more and more organisations and individuals who could benefit from the voluntary service we offer.

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