The Beach Blues

Apr 14, 2008

Mission: The Beach Blues
Date: 14 April 2008
Requesting organisation: Nguni Prouctions on behalf of Carte Blanche
Location: Durban Beachfront, Kwazulu Natal
Pilot: Barry de Groot

Bateleur pilot Barry de Groot flew Nicky Troll of Nguni Prouctions, on behalf of Carte Blanche, along the Durban beachfront to monitor levels of pollution in the sea off the beaches and around the corner of the Bluff where, it is alleged, sewage is being pumped directly into the sea.

While Barry’s flight was successful there was not much evidence of any real pollution at the time.  Nevertheless Nicky Troll has delivered to us a DVD which resulted from this mission, and the programme was flighted by Carte Blanche on 27th April 2008, but unfortunately we have no still photographs to present here.

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